Sunday, June 21, 2009

Disney Writers are the best!

I just finished watching Hercules on Disney Channel and it will always be my favorite Disney movie of all time.

Anyway, the development of Herc and Meg in the movie was like... WOW!

When you watch a movie over again, you kinda get new ideas and perspectives. Just a while ago, I realized that the writers must have gone through several life changing experiences in their love life. There were pretty witty lines and some were pretty brutal.

OK, if you haven't seen Hercules, spoilers ahead.

Stop reading now. Skip to the break.


Hercules in the scene realizes that he's not so alone when Meg's there.

"Meg, when I'm with you, I don't feel so alone..."

Meg then replies... "Sometimes it's better to be alone because when you're alone, no one can hurt you." (Since she sold her soul to Hades to save her previous boy-toy and the boy-toy found someone else)


The other line was when Hercules found out that Meg was lying... He lost his "powers" and a Titan comes to Thebes to fight him.

Meg says sorry then asks him not fight. "You could get killed!'

Herc replies "There are worse things..."

YOWZA!!! I friggin love it!!! Hahahahaha!!! The writers are spot on correct damn it!!! Woohoo!!! Hahahaha!!!

But the cheesiest and probably best line of the whole movie is "People do crazy things when they're in love..."


Hercules doesn't feature a Disney Princess as a lead. It's this immortal who turned mortal and he's on earth trying to find where he belongs.

I can relate this to a Superman story where he has foster parents. He's on earth to "help people" plus he's called a freak by his peers during his teenage years. Smallville-esque.

Other than that, Herc's a pretty relatable character because he's after a dream. Aren't we all after something in this world?

We may not get what we want the most but you go through things, life-changing moments, that bring out the best in you.

So yeah, rock on Disney! Hahahaha!


Monica:) said...

I agree people do crazy things when they are in love :)like you u geek out when u see ur crush:)just kidding:)LOL:)

Jess said...

I agree, but still "The Lion King" tops my list :P Oh, and don't you just love the movie's theme song? "Go the distance" is one of Disney's best songs :)