Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taking things for granted

I hate to admit this but I may have taken things for granted.

I think I'm spreading myself too thinly on so many things. At work, complacency is absolutely a no-no and it's something I don't want to tolerate either.

I now remember movies that deal with the head honcho being a career guy. For example, Click. I went in that cinema expecting to get tons of laughs. But there, I called it and was wrong, Click turned out to be a movie that was full of drama. Damn you Adam Sandler!!! You made me cry!!!

I would like to have another opportunity in making things right. Not taking things for granted. I'm the type of person who keeps the most weird and random memories. I keep close to my heart funny moments with friends, jokes, what people wore that day or what people ate that day. I tell you, it's weird. I remember lines from movies a lot. It's insane.

The Kate Beckinsale scene wherein she asks Adam Sandler what song was playing during their first kiss. "Linger" and that pink sweater you were wearing... I tell you, that movie was just sad. "You know I'm such a fool for you..."

So there, today is the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima and I dropped by the Blessed Sacrament before going home. Did some reflecting and asked for some things... My Lola who's an adorer of Our Lady of Fatima has always kept her faith strong in the Lord. She really believes that you just have to leave everything up to the Big Guy up there. Mama Mary can intercede with the prayer. As for me, I'm a firm believer in the Mama Mary but I have taken that for granted... I haven't been in much prayer lately. I usually sleep after a tiring day.

I think the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Don't take things for granted if you don't want to be taken for granted.

Heck, we shouldn't take fish having feelings for granted. "Fishies have feelings to right?" Hahaha. That Nido 5+ tvc was cute.

May 13, feast day of Our Lady of Fatima. I reflected. I shouldn't take the love being given to me by my loved ones for granted... It's just too important. I can't lose that...

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