Saturday, May 30, 2009

HOLY S%^& - Wolverine #72

I have not been this happy with a comic book since Wolverine #70.

Holy Shitto!!! The issue before the conclusion of Old Man Logan simply blew me away. I loved it loved it loved it loved it!

Mark Millar is a freaking genius.

Spoilers ahead.

The issue starts with a fallen Bucky Cap. The Red Skull takes over the White House.

Now, he's in his "trophy room" with the armor of Iron Man, Spidey's Mask and Web Shooters, Cap's Shield, The Thing's hand, Captain Marvel's suit, The Fantastic Four's logo from The Baxter Building, etc. McNiven drew everything gorgeous!

So "Herr Skull" is wearing Cap's costume.

The bodies of Logan and Clint Barton arrive but Logan wakes up.

He and the Skull have this awesome fight. The Skull locks the door so the guards won't get in the way. Logan doesn't pop his claws but get's the shield. He has the Skull fallen. Red Skull says something like he doesn't have the guts...

Logan literally cuts the Red Skull's head off with Cap's Shield in this glorious splash page!!! I was like "Motha f#####!!!" this shiz is awesome!!! I was geeking out!!!

The guards get in but Logan now wears Iron Man's suit. He repulsor ray'd the shiz out of the guards and flies back to California with the money for the Hulk gang.

He gets back and sees his family dead... Killed by the Hulk Gang...

His neighbor tries to console him and says something like "Don't do it Logan"

He then goes, "My name's not Logan..."

the next page is all font - SNIKT!

The last page - "It's Wolverine"


Shit... the story ends with Old Man Logan giant sized special!!!




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luiboi said...

i agree.wolverine #72 is the bomb!was really blown away by this issue.this series keeps on getting better and better (wish i could say the same for ultimate wolvie vs hulk,but that's another story).really lookin forward to the finale.the snikt splash page, i think was the climax of this was simply awesome even without the art.:)