Thursday, May 28, 2009

The awesome Scott Pilgrim

I think it was Free Comic Book Day 2006 that I met Scott Pilgrim. It was a funny book! It was about a guy who liked this girl but had to defeat the 7 Evil Ex-Boyfriends before he could be together with that girl. Bryan Lee O'Malley created a universe influenced by video games.

I mean, this book was just hilarious! Plus the names of the characters were just awesome. Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Wallace Wells, Stephen Stills, Young Neil, Envy Adams, and my favorite, Knives Chau!!!

Damn, this Bryan Lee O'Malley was a genius! To think he lettered Brian Wood's "Local" and now he's like friggin rich because of Scott Pilgrim!

It was my brother who got the first printings of the digests. He convinced me to read the digests. I read 1-3 straight. I had to wait for 4. The book is just fantastic! At first I didn't want to share it with anyone since you keep something you want. It's something special. It's not mainstream. Only you and a select few know about it. But I lent it to 2 friends and they loved it. I have to get the books back because they're the 1st prints!!! All in all, Scott Pilgrim is Grade A! The down side of Scott Pilgrim is that it comes in volumes and not issues. The wait is just too long. But you know, the wait is worth it!

In Sputnik, they said that orders for this has been off the charts. I hate it! It's friggin mainstream now! Just because the movie's coming out next year... Ugh... A lot of posers now... Hate the "feeling geeks". Grrrr... Some people don't know what they're talking about. Honestly... When I go to the book shops. There are guys explaining to the girls... they were just wrong. I wanted to say, "Dude, that's just plain wrong, honestly, stop posing as a geek..."

OK, back to Scott Pilgrim. So the movie's coming out next year and who do they cast as Scott? Michael f'n Cera man!!! Hellzyeah!!! I have som much respect for this young dude. He's awesome.

On top of that, who do they cast as Ramona????

Remember Gwen from SKY HIGH? Remember the daughter of Bruce Willis from Die Hard 4.0?

Dude, MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD! THE most underrated beautiful rising star of Hollywood! To all the Zooey Deschanel fans, yes, she's gorgeous and I love her too but she's way too popular now... Mary Elizabeth Winstead is still under the radar!!! I loved her the moment I saw her in SKY HIGH!!! Don't know her? Look at the picture below. She is just TOO GORGEOUS for geeks...

So, if you want to read comics or you're already reading comics, pick up Scott Pilgrim. I tell you... It's THAT good! Yes. Believe me. I know what I'm talking about. Comics = Life.

Don't miss out on this.

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