Sunday, May 24, 2009

JJ Abrams and his revamping of STAR TREK

Movie of 2009 - Fearless Forecast, It's STAR TREK people...

OK, I'm not a Trekkie nor a Trekker but I do know the characters and all that. I know who Kirk is, I know who Mr. Spock is, I know the "Set phasers to stun", "Energize", "Beam me up Scotty!", and "I CAN'T DO IT CAP'N!!!"

I'm sorry to all the Trek fans but I will remain a STAR WARS buff. Next to Spider-Man, I am a Star Wars fanatic. Yes, I do own a lightsaber. A mean red one.

But hey, JJ Abrams friggin kicked ass directing this movie. I saw this twice already and I might go for thirds. I came in the cinema with little expectations. I always prepare to be disappointed so that it won't be that hard if I do get disappointed.

This movie set new standards for the word "REVAMP". The movie was just spectacular and fantastic! The story was awesome and Chris Pine's take on James T. Kirk was wicked. Zachary Quinto's take on the Vulcan known as Spock was terrific! It was just logical to get Mr. Quinto. It had a perfect cast. I had no complaints whatsoever. Perfect casting. John Cho as Mr. Sulu was pretty cool too! Zoe Saldana as Uhura was superb! But the one that got me was Dr. Bones Mccoy! Karl Urban just rocked when he said "As YOU were" and "Damn it! I'm a doctor! Not a physicist!"

If I were a Trek fan, I would absolutely be jumping for joy because the canon was preserved. Everything that happened in the past still happened and that's what you need to give the Fanboys. You need to protect continuity.

The Star Trek mythos is pretty different from the other sci-fi stories. It really is "space exploration". It features an entire crew on a mission. I can imagine what happened before when it was still Shatner and Nimoy on TV. There must have been lots of fans!

I just recently watched "Fanboys" and there was a funny part where the Trek Fans were fighting the Lucas Fans. It was pretty insane. But that's a different story.

I predict that the only ones that can possibly beat Star Trek in terms of being a good movie for me are Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen and Sherlock Holmes. Let's wait and see.

If you haven't seen this movie yet. Shame on you!

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