Monday, May 25, 2009

Decepticons!!! Gotta love this geek product!!!

Apparently, today is GEEK PRIDE DAY.

According to my friend, fashion icon and fellow blogger, Joni (, there aren't that many Geek Blogs in the Philippines. (But I think they're out there!)

So what will I geek about? Since, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen is coming out, and since I found this in the blog of the ultimate geek hottie. (OLIVIA MUNN IS THE ULTIMATE!!!)

This is THE most awesome USB I have ever seen. Sure the Star Wars designer USBs are cute but this is just plain awesome.

It's RAVAGE!!! Damn it!!! How cool is this??? If you don't know who Ravage is, GOOGLE IT! YAHOO IT! LYCOS IT! ALTA VISTA IT! Shame on you!!!

Ok fine, Ravage is one of the cassette tapes of one of the meanest and most awesome Transformers of all, Soundwave! Oh yeah, Ravage is also part of the movie by the way!!! Frickin awesome! I wish they'd put Laserbeak as well. Soundwave isn't a cassette player though... But still, he's there!

This product is only for pre-order now and it costs $42! Yikes!

Anyway, Happy Geek Pride Day!

Oh yeah, I saw the Star Wars Designer USBs at Power Mac in Rockwell. It's friggin expensive! Php 3,200!!! Oh well...

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Miko said...

Liked this one, too! I hope they make one as Laserbeak and Rumble, that will be cool. Although Grimlock is my ultimate fave :D