Friday, August 7, 2009

View from the coaster - August 3

Just wanted to share some images from my eyes inside the coaster. This was from LSGH to the Manila Cathedral. It was an experience I will never ever forget.

I cried at Ayala Avenue because I saw the "Paalam Tita Cory" digital banner from the Insular Life Building. That's when it sank in... I will never see her physically again... :(

But the love and support the Filipino people was just so awesome!!! I am so proud to be a Pinoy!!!


dojski said...

Hi Jiggy, thanks for posting the pics. It's nice to know how you saw it.

Was also at the corner of quirino and roxas, waiting for the procession, when your lola was brought to manila cathedral. I was happy to be there, despite the long wait. She deserves all the affection and respect. In a big way, your lola's passing has awakened something in me. I've always looked outside the country for people to look up to. But your lola showed me that I need not look that far away.

With all my heart, I thank your family for playing such a worthy role in the country. I hope the best for you all.

God bless, as always.

Mary said...

Clemz Belisario wrote in IMEEM (his comment to the person who posted I've Fallen in Love with the same Woman Three Times)

PRES. CORY AQUINO died August 1, 2009 at 3:18 in the morning.

That's 08-01-2009 3:18 ryt?

now, remove the zero's(0) and put the numbers together...

Results to 8129318

Rearrange the numbers...

Results to 8/21/1983

That's August 21, 1983.

The day Ninoy died.


i say That's the true Love...

------great observation by Clemz

Monica:) said...

I am also proud to be pinoy:)

R A R A said...

hi jiggy! i found your blog thru your twitter account and visited it.. filipinos really love your grandparents. though i was born 1985, my lola always told me stories of how your lolo stood up against the dictatorship back then and your lola having the courage to continue your lolo's struggle for a free and democratic country.

i'm also the first apo in the family, and a lola's girl too, i was raised by my lola alone. when she went to live in the US, it was very hard for me not to see her everyday, what more sa situation mo. but im sure your grandmother is now at peace, and im sure she is proud of her apo. :)

Suzett said...

thanks for sharing this photos!

Suzett said...

hi jiggy I just wanna share this with you.

God didn't promise

Days without Pain,
Laughter without Sorrow
or Sun without Rain.

But God DID promise

Strength for the Day,
Comfort for the Tears
and a Light for the Way.

angnarsatmarino said...

Hi, I just started reading your blogs and its nice. Lucky enough we have TFC here, so were updated. anyway, my prayers to you and to the rest of your family.

Pennsylvania, USA

kc cordero said...

great photos :)

Anonymous said...

my office is along paseo but I didn't catch this. but the confetti that was left reminded me of what happened that afternoon.

Thanks really for sharing these images with your reader :)

Chris said...

this actually came from bianca's twitter post, if you haven't seen this, better check this unbelievable view taken from the parade:

Maja said...

Hi Jiggy,

I just want to tell you that your Lola is an inspiration. I'm not really a very prayerful person and I've grown quite apathetic over the years. But because of your Lola, I know this sounds cheesy, every night, before going to sleep, I say a prayer for a better Philippines.

chrissy said...

Father God, now that you have called Pres. Aquino to join you in your kingdom, we are happy that her suffering on earth has ended but we are saddened by the fact that she will no longer be here to fight for us, Filipinos and let our voices be heard. She is a great loss to all Filipinos and yet we will be unfair to let her continue to feel the pain that was caused by the cancer when a life of unending happiness awaits her in heaven. Now that Pres. Cory is with you, may she continue to pray for all Filipinos that we may be able to reach the end of what you started and may there will still be a brighter future ahead to all of us. Thank you Lord for lending MRS. CORY AQUINO to us who had been a living example of good leader, good mother, good wife, dedicated servant of God, good friend and a good neighbor rolled into one. May we be inspired to develop the virtues that she had as a person.

noemitah said...

hi jiggy, even though were not in MAnila we were able to watched the live telecast @ studio23 and ABS-CBN for the procesion to Manila Memorial park. we are happy to witnessed the event which will become part in our behalf of my friends which they also cared for our former president we thank her as a mother and good leader in our country.God bless!

Voltaire said...

Great lomo-type of photos, well-composed- I especially like the light streaks in the bus and the yellow confetti. You have a photographer's eye, Jiggy, aside from a sense of history.

joy capuloy reyes said...

Hi, I wrote this for your Lola and I am giving it your family as small gift to show in my own little way how I appreciate all her efforts. Pls say hello to Kris for me.(",)

Sa Iyo, Tita Cory

Salamat sa kadakilaang bilang ina ay ibinahagi,
Sa lahat sa amin na walang pasubali

Sa pagpapahalaga sa tao sa iyong paligid,
Ang iyong tulong ay di mo ipinagkait.

Sa pagpapakita ng totoong sarili,
At kahit mayaman ay napakasimple.

Sa busilak mong pusong sadyang inilaan,
Sa paglilingkod sa ating bayan.

Sa malinis na hangaring bansa’y mapaunlad,
Sadyang ikaw, Tita Cory ay walang katulad.

Sa demokrasyang sinupil ng isang angkan,
Na buong puso mong ipinaglalaban.

Sa kalayaang kay tagal na ating minimithi,
Sa pagbabalik nito sa ating lahi.

Sa pagpapaalala sa buong sambayanan,
Na ang pagka Filipino ay dapat ipagyabang.

Sa pag-asang hatid sa mga mamamayan,
Kung paano labanan ang karukhaan.

Sa pagtuturo sa aming laging magdasal,
At tuwina’y sa Diyos, dalangin ay umusal.

Sa pagpapakita sa aming napakahalaga,
Na isapuso ang pananalig sa Kanya.

Sa katapangang iyong ipinakita sa lahat,
Sa harap ng kahit anong paghihirap.

Sa pag-ibig na alay mo sa bayan,
Sa pagmamahal mong tila walang hanggan.

Higit sa lahat, sa legacy mong sa amin ay iniwan,
Na mahalin ang bayan at wag pagnakawan.

Salamat, Tita Cory…

At sa iyo ay paalam.

By: Joy C. Reyes completed-08.12.09