Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bad Run at Kenny's Open

I was all pumped up and excited for the Kenny's Open.

But one of the worst things I could think of happened last night. I lost my Nike+ chip yesterday. How? People ask me, "how could you lose that?"

The thing is, Nike does not make shoes for flat footed people... and so I use Adidas Supernovas (which were awesome by the way) so I had to buy a clip for the Nike+. I attached it safely on my left shoe. But as I was running down McKinley hill, my iPod suddenly talked to me and said "Activity Stopped". I looked down on my shoe and the Nike+ was gone. I spent a good minute looking for it. It wasn't there anymore... :( I was so sad and pissed that it ruined my run... I was pacing so well but that little incident changed everything.

I managed to end below 41 minutes. Almost the same as my Globe run. It just sucks that I could have had a better time and I could still have the Nike+... Arrrgghh.

Oh well... that's life... I should have used the shoe wallet instead...

Anyway, I need a new Nike+. I hope it's still available.


mav said...

Aww sayang

My Lefthand Corner said...

question. did kenny's open also use the disposable electronic chip?

Tin Cagakit said...

I did saw you looking for it... :(

stephy said...

Hi, Jiggy! You might want to have a custom made one. =) Had mine custom made because I read some bad reviews regarding the switheasy one. Is that what you used?
Here's the link of my sensor case.