Sunday, August 9, 2009

On Y Speak

Was asked if I'd allow Y Speak to interview me. I said yes because of the following: 1. Y Speak caters to a lot of the youth of today and I wanted to send out a message from my Lola. 2. I wanted to meet Bianca Gonzales in person. Hahahaha.

It was a light interview. My brother Jonty is Bianca's BIGGEST fan so he tagged along to give me moral support... or so I think he did...

There was a message I wanted to send out and they're 2 things.

1. Pray. A lot of people don't pray anymore, especially the youth. I'm calling out everyone to never stop praying for the country and for one another. I really believe in Prayer Power as did my Lola.

2. REGISTER TO VOTE. I have friends who haven't registered. There have been 2 elections already since my batch was eligible to vote. To be honest, it saddens me :( I just give them a frown when they tell me they're not registered voters. My grandparents fought for democracy and it'll be a shame if it's not put to good use. Here's what people are thinking. "My vote won't count anyway, why should I register?"

Just imagine the number of people who are thinking that way... Quite a lot eh? Imagine if those people did register... Now doesn't that make you smile? :)

So if you're eligible to vote, and haven't registered, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I am humbly asking of you to please register.

Anyway, sharing pics of the taping of Y Speak last Thursday :) Jonty was the one documenting.

The monitors

Shy Tinapay

Bianca with her #1 Fan!


dojski said...

You hit it right, jiggy. Those two messages are exactly how your lola's passing has affected me, and our generation, i assume.

You needn't tell me to go back to praying. I realized that a few days ago. But for those who hadn't, it's a very apt message. Your lola's faith is my inspiration now.

The part on the need to vote, is extremely relevant too. I am a registered voter myself, and even go home to the province at election day to exercise my right. But I know a lot who are not registered or don't actually vote. FYI, I heard a colleague last week say "magvo-vote" na talaga sya. Such is the impact of this all. ;)

Monica:) said...

Lol jiggy tinapay so geeky:) and I want to thank u for saying that we need to pray because prayers r so powerful:)AMEN to that also honest into voting:)it makes me sad if people don't vote the honest way and just cheat its so F*#@king dumb that there allowing this to happen:)

boie17 said...

I watched you in Y speak and you came in very clear on the message of President Cory on prayer power and the need to register and vote. Your Lola and Lolo would have been very proud of you. I am sure your parents are very proud of you. You looked awestruck with Bianca though.

Troyboy888 said...

Hello Jiggy. I worked for your Lola right after graduating from the Ateneo, under Atty. Jun Factoran. Was then appointed head of the Philippine Commission for the International Youth Year, and later head of the Presidential Council for Youth Affairs. Your lola was a very pro-youth president as it was in her term that we conceived and worked on the establishment of a number of youth institutions : the Sanggunian Kabataan, the National Youth Commission, and the National Movement of Young Legislators. I could really state that no other president after her has generated such government support to the youth, It was truly an honor and privilege to have served under President Cory.

Don Zandro said...
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shintaro said...

hi, am always excited to watch your interviews. find your eloquence advanced and rare at your age.

anyway, why should i be surprised? i think it's in the genes.

good thing that you have this blog, am a fan.

Shintaro, 25 HR Practitioner

R A R A said...

i don't really watch y speak that often, but their topics are really about youth today. i am not a fan of superbianca-but i read her blog often. and i agree to the second message you sent out, especially to the Filipino youth: REGISTER TO VOTE.

danica intac said...

may you and your family continue the legacy of your lola... im one of her fan... i admire her works and devotion...=)

marissa said...

I watched you last saturday on Y speak. and wow Jiggy you are such a bright young man. Mana mana ka talaga sa lola mo.
I'm sure your lola is smiling in heaven and so proud of her 1st apo and so does your mom and dad-
keep it up Jiggy-marissa

Anonymous said...

first time to register in 26years of existence last June :) I am more driven to vote for next year. I didn't catch your Yspeak stint though.
My sister and brother (both from Ateneo also), did register this year :)
Hope you continue to inspire other people in being responsible citizens :)

rdangel said...

Yup, i saw that. It was a nice interview. May pinagmanahan ka nga. Hehe. Keep up the good work. Be an inspiration to the Filipino youth!