Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thank you Brian Michael Bendis!!!

For some months, there was speculation that Ultimate Spider-Man would end and that a new one would come. The tragedy that was Ultimatum shook up the Marvel Ultimate Universe.

Ultimate Spider-Man was the comic that brought me back into reading comics. Brian Michael Bendis just writes the hell out of Spider-Man and the Ultimate line is continuity free!!! So anything goes!!!

Ultimate Spidey Fans - Spoilers ahead.

So Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem 1 & 2 were the 2 issues to cap off the series that was Ultimate Spider-Man. This was where J. Jonah Jameson writes Spidey's obituary...

Requiem shows Jameson confessing that he was wrong. Spider-Man wasn't a menace nor a freak. He was a hero.

But y'know what? Spidey's NOT DEAD!


And so I read Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1. It's Peter on the 1st page plus the 3rd page says "Previously on Ultimate Spider-Man"

OH YEAH!!! IT DOESN'T END!!! WOOHOO!!! I was just so sad with Issue #133 because Bendis had a thank you note in the end. It was like saying goodbye...

But Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man had a lot of Holy @#$% moments. Awesome writing by Bendis!!! I won't spoil anything first because it's just too good!!! Ahhh... I. LOVED. IT.

Bendis, you did it again!!! Awesome, awesome stuff!!!

Can't wait for issue #2!!!

My only complaint... $4??? But, it's worth it... Some titles need to be brought back to $3 though

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Monica:) said...

Toby Maguire is the orginal spider man:)even though he has two kids and a wife:)