Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Top 5's

Top 5 most played songs on my iTunes

1. Stolen (Single Version) by Dashboard Confessional
2. It ends tonight by The All-American Rejects
3. Makes me wonder by Maroon 5
4. Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional
5. The take over, The break's over by Fall Out Boy

Top 5 visited websites

1. twitter
2. newsarama
3. blogger
4. yahoo! mail
5. geekologie

Top 5 frequently asked questions in interviews

1. Will you enter politics?
2. Will you enter showbiz?
3. What will you remember most about your lola?
4. Do you have a girlfriend?
5. How is the family?

Top 5 comic books that I simply must read

1. Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man
2. Daredevil
3. The Umbrella Academy
4. New Avengers
5. The Sword

Top 5 movies of 2009

1. Star Trek
2. UP
3. Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen
4. The Hangover
5. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince


Anonymous said...

hello Jiggy! I wonder why it's just TOP 5's only? heheheehehehe

Monica:) said...

I have the same songs as u in my ipod(red) and my family always ask me those questions :) and top 5 movies is UP is my favorite:)

nyza_09 said...


kindly anwer the 5 frewuently asked qurstions in interview, hehehe..
bless you...

mary said...

hi jiggy,

i think i may have a pretty good idea re: possible answers to the top 5 questions asked, except for question #2, so are you entering showbiz? :)

Anonymous said...

. .hm that's very nice po.
so will you enter showbiz??? haha.