Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adidas Supernova Sequence - For Flat Footed People

I have flat feet and I over pronate when I run. So thanks to RUNNR, I had my run assessed and they suggested these. The Adidas Supernova Sequence :) I ran with them last night at the Urbanite Run. They performed awesomely!!! Hahahaha. Such a shame I lost my Nike+... Adidas should tie up with Apple too!!! Nike apparently doesn't make shoes for flat footed people and some runners say that Mizuno's the best choice. But since I have flat feet, Adidas provides shoes for all runners :)

But anyway, I highly recommend these if you run like me... Most runners make mistakes with the shoes they wear. So make sure you run with the right pair of shoes!!!

Check out RUNNR at Bonifacio High Street :) Look for Nikko. He was the guy who gave great advice in running! Excellent customer service!!!


MarieClaireJustine said...

about the shoes : thanks for the information. :) real big help. im also gifted with flat feet. hahaha. (sound like ducks to me. quack quack! haha) and it's really hard to find the perfect shoes for running. ill try to check RUNNR din. :)

about the customer service : syempre.. that's marketing. :)

mav said...

They also have this thingy where you can 'test run' or 'test jog' the shoes haha.

J.Bo said...

I use Adidas Adistar Control! It's great for the flat-footed guys I guess coz of the arch inside. That's what I use though my feet are over-arched but they give me great balance and precision. :)

marissa said...

wow thats a nice photo of the shoes.its your mom ballsy birthday today jiggy . Happy Happy birthday to her. your mom is just like your lola. Cory Cory talaga :)

wins said...

hi! i am an overpronator too, so bad that i'm still recovering from ITBS. (watch out! but that's a different story altogether) i use adidas salvation as prescribed by my ortho, dr. raul canlas. it has the same technology as the supernova (that pro-moderator thingie) and one thing i noticed about shifting from cushioning to motion control shoes is that the new pair really keeps you on the ground. it has nothing of that heel-to-toe propulsion so that tells you it does its job well-- to keep you from overpronating. i have one problem with my adidas though, they are massive and heavy. after hitting the 7k mark, i already feel how it weighs me down and the exertion it requires again to take that next stride is a little more than the usual. would you happen to feel that too?

anyway, i'm glad the technology is working for you so far. i'm also just wondering if runnr suggested you try their newtons. i hear they have a motion control line too but one that is much lighter than our adidas.

LhobiE said...

aRe u also gonna run for the foundation of abs-cbn "PISO PARA SA ILOG PASIG?? (^^,)

ur lola is surely glad and proud to see you there..

ah! by d way, i kNow yoU promised tO uR lOla tHat yOu wOuld bE tAke cAre oF uR mOm..,sO PLEASE make some effort to make her SMILE today on her birthday..i kNow yOu will..

happy birthday to uR mOm...(^^,)
GOD BLESS and ALWAYS SMILE COZ some people loves to see you smile..


-lhobie (^^,)

Jess said...

Wow. Thanks for this, Jig. I'm also flat footed. Imagine how hard it is to find heels that actually fit!:)

sherwin said...

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Cel said...

happy birthday to you mom jiggy..

Elbert said...

uhm.. I'm looking forward for the conversation later, on Sunstar. Hope you'll answer my simple uncontroversial questions for our campus paper - Tingog.


Chris said...

really? there are rubber shoes made for flat foot?? i should've bought an adidas pala, i bought a pair of nike last time. i have flat fleet din and its killing me.

I must wow.. you're getting a lot of followers 'ere jig.. keep this blog up and running. you are now being heard by more people! use it wisely.

.. another proud AQUINO! :P