Sunday, July 19, 2009

run for home

I ran my 2nd "marathon" event. Well it was just a fun run. A fun 5k.

I can't say that it was well-organized because the running space was too damn narrow for me. I lost momentum and got a side stitch... It sucked big time! Too many people, too little running space.

My goal was to match my 10k pace or better. Unofficially, I ran 41 minutes. Better than the 10k pace. Running on the treadmill is totally different from running outdoors. You get extra help n the treadmill and it's flat. Your knees won't hurt after.

During the race, all I was thinking was to keep on running. I realized that I was actually running away from the sadness I had and headed to something new. It was good motivation actually. :)

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Enzo Juan said...

hell yeah! actually. i do well in the gym. i can do like 5k in 25 minutes. pero when its the real thing na, wala. im like 36 minutes to my first 5k race. pero yeah! its true sarap ng feeling after. run run run. running is now my passion.