Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Addicted to Running

Yes, it has been my outlet to release problems and stress... It's a good kick to start a long day.

So here I am "running it up"

I registered with the iamninoy runners and I got this sweet yellow Rudy Project jersey. It's pretty comfy. I tried it the other day at the gym in the office. Plus you get to help reverse the education crisis in the Philippines when you register. 5775 is the one reversing this deterioration. Check out for more info :)



And to top it off, I got the Nike+ for my iPod to track my running. It is one of the most awesome purchases I have. It talks to you when you run plus I was told that sports icons like Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods talk too when you hit landmark running goals or do a personal best. Can't wait to hear that! The Nike+ is almost gone here in Manila. I was lucky to find one at A.Shop in Eastwood Mall. Better hurry if you want one. There are 3 units left. A lot of people are running now and I think it's a great thing! So here's my RED iPod Nano :) I love Red :)

My brother has the 2nd gen iPod Product Red. At the back, he had "Keep Running" engraved. But not because he's a runner. It's because he loves Marvel's The Runaways. :) Hahahaha.

Oh yeah, I did a better job during the Globe Run :) Did it in 41 minutes! Slightly better pace... That run was fun but too many people... Can't complain about the ladies who ran though. Hahaha.

Anyway, I'm out. Just needed another outlet to remove stress...

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Monica:) said...

Can I have your jersey :)its so like your Lolo and Lola:)LOL:)also can I have your ipod nano:)just kidding I have one too:)