Friday, July 24, 2009

Requesting for prayers

Dear world,

Kindly pray for my grandmother, Cory Aquino... She's battling cancer.

She's a woman of great faith, courage, and humility.

She's the most righteous person I know. Whatever she says, I know it's right.



beth_lim56 said...

hi Jiggy,i saw your post on YM, been reading about our former President Cory Aquino, your grandma.i am not sure if this is too late now.i also had or nearly had similar illness like that of Pres. Cory.i got cured at the BANGKOK NURSING HOMES,THAILAND. in case there is still an option, your family may want to consider to bring tita Cory in Thailand. BNH is located at the Convent Road, Bangkok. Doctors and facilities are great!hope that our dear Pres Cory recovers soon. a concern Pinoy,Maehongson, Thailand

cosmicelore said...

Hey Jiggy, my name is Gian and I'm from Bataan, my mom said she was a childhood friend of your mom and my grand aunt Cora Dayrit used to work for your family, anyways just wanted you to know that our family, like the rest of the nation, is praying hard for your lola, we all love her and wish for her speedy recovery, God Bless!

Jon said...

Greetings Jiggy! I hope you're doing just fine.

I learned from my paternal grandmother years ago that your great-great grandfather, Gen. Servillano Aquino, and my great-grandfather, Pedro G. Aquino, were 1st cousins; so that makes us distant relatives in a way. Having said that, I just want you to know that we at this side of the family are among the millions of Filipinos praying fervently for the immediate recovery of our beloved president and your lola, Tita Cory. Please let her know that in these trying times, HINDI PA RIN SYA NAG-IISA! More power to you and your family Jiggy. I enjoy reading your Spider-blog whenever time permits (I'm a Superman fan BTW). Keep up the great work!

Jon Voltaire B. Aquino
Moderator (NATv)
Philadelphia, USA

Jiggy Cruz said...

@ beth_lim56 - Thank you so much. But my Lola can't travel anymore. She wants to stay here.

@cosmicelore - Hi Gian! What a small world! Thank you for the support!

@jon - hi jon! so that makes us cousins right? :) hahaha, i hope the spider-blog doesn't bore you. Superman is ok in my book... Action Comics was well written by Geoff Johns!

one said...

happy birthday to your mom ballsy thanks