Monday, July 27, 2009

Making her grandsons happy

This was back in 2002. Ateneo had won the UAAP title after 14 long years. My Lola didn't favor any team, she favored her grandkids. She wanted us to be happy. So she was invited by Sonny Dominguez at the Linden Suites for a Blue Eagle party. So she asked him if her 3 Atenean grandsons could tag along.

So we did. We had pictures with the Blue Eagles at that party.

My Lola always made her loved ones happy. She wanted to see her apos smile :)

My Lola's the best :)


Miko said...

Nice anecdote of Tita Cory :D

I'm wearing yellow right now at work and I'm offering my support and prayers to your lola in behalf of my family.

She's a strong woman, this is just one obstacle that she'll surely hurdle.

bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ said...

Hello Jiggy, I was searching for updates about your grandma on google until I accidentally stumbled on your blog. I recognized your pic on your sidebar.

Anyhow I am a very firm believer of Cory and Ninoy's ideology on democracy and gaining peace in a non-violent way and I admire them, even your grandpa who I consider as one of my heroes.

I am saddened on the current ordeal of Madame Cory but I am hoping and praying that she will recover soon.

I have something for her. This is my little way of praying for the recovery of Madame Cory. I have a short message for her in it, maybe you could whisper to her.

I wrote this as a response to one of our blog groups initiative to launch a tie a yellow ribbon campaign in the blogosphere. here is the link to my blog post

Seeing pictures of you and your grandma, I cant help but recall my own closeness to my own grandmother who passed away last year and who also suffered terribly in her illness in the hospital.

In behalf of my fellow Pinoy Bloggers in our Group in Barrio Siete dot com, prayers and well wishes for your Grandma-- The Global Icon of Democracy

In Christ,

Pax et Bonum

byx speaks said...

We will miss your Lola

Be proud!!!

MM said...

That's so sweet of your lola. May she rest in peace. I'm sure she and your lolo are having a great time in heaven right no.

lady_belle said...

Hi Jiggy,

I didnt know how to personally thank your family for sharing your Lolo and Lola to us all Filipino people until I stumbled into your blog thru twitter.
I was 5 years old way back in '86, I did not understand what was going on around me, I was too young.
Now that I am fully aware of all the things your grandparents did for our country, they make me very very proud to be a Filipino.

Please thank your mom, your aunts and uncle noynoy for me.

Farewell to your Lola, she now enjoys a well deserved rest from all the human battles she has fought for all the Filipinos.

Ninoy and Cory together again in the arms of Our Lord...

myunrevealedthoughts said...

She really is, the BEST.