Monday, July 6, 2009

Crossing the finish line

Laban!!! Love you Lola!!!

This was the photo when I was just meters away from the finish line. It's a feeling I can't express in words. All I can say that it's a wonderful wonderful feeling of accomplishment!

I guess I proved some people wrong. Someone went "10K? Ikaw? Seryoso ka ba?"

I even proved myself wrong.

I can't imagine what the people who do the IRON MAN Triathlon. 70.3 KM! It's insane!!! 10KM was already tough for me.

A friend of mine from the office passed something on to me. The saying goes "Pain is temporary, Quitting is forever"

He got it from Lance Armstrong...

Anyway, October is the next race. I think I'll run again and try to beat my time. :)

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Miko said...

Hey, congratulations! Glad you finished 10k with good time to spare. In my "unfit" condition right now, I don't think I can run that much :p