Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finishing my first ever marathon.


I did it in 1hour and 28minutes. (Unofficial)

5022 was my race number.

I had several roadblocks along the way. I got cramps plus my feet became numb. It never happened before... I thought that it would be over...

I thought I wasn't gonna finish in 90 minutes...

But I was just thinking about my Lola... She kept me going... She's battling the greatest challenge of her life and I couldn't give up... I was running for her.

Quitting is forever... I didn't want to do that. I had to keep on running... and I did.

It was the longest 10 km of my entire life. It was really far. But the people who ran before were right. They gave me pointers and told me that I could do it. Kaya nga...

I feel so accomplished today. My family's not athletic at all. My cousins got it from the other side of their families. My Lola was telling me before na sorry na lang Jiggy, hindi tayo athletic. Hahaha. So I ran and finished the MILO Marathon for my Lola and the rest of my non-athletic relatives.

The 33rd MILO Marathon will be one of the greatest experiences of my life. I proved something to myself today. I pushed myself to go further, to leave all doubts behind, to keep on moving forward, and to keep on running. I'm really proud of myself :')

I've never sweat that hard in my entire life. My undies got a shower! Sorry to say. Even my running shorts!!!

The final 1km of the race was farther than I thought. I was so anxious to reach the finish line! Crossing it and receiving my certificate was all worth it! Never did I think I'd be participating in a MILO Marathon!!! And I did!!! I did it!!! Willpower baby!!!

Unofficially, I've lost 18 pounds already. :) I'm pretty happy about it!!! I haven't felt this "thin" for a long time and it feels amazing! My company has taught me the value of being well in life. You have to make the right choices. You have to be disciplined. You have to stay focused. But at the same time, they teach you to have fun! MILO TODAY! MILO A DAY! MILO! WINNING EVERYDAY!

Awesome experience. I'll forever remember it. I was motivated. I was determined.

That race was for you Lola... I love you very much...


yish said...

how sweet of you to do everything for your lola. <3

Monica:) said...

Hahahhhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaha the funniest part was when you said ur undies took a shower:)hahahahhahahahahahahhhahahahaahahahahhahahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahhahahaahahahahhahaha:)you made my day smile even though this is an old blog:)LOL:)love monica:)LOL:)