Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wolverine's 1ST Appearance

This is one thing I really find weird.

Logan actually appears on the last page of Hulk #180 but his credited 1st appearance is Hulk #181.

181 is more expensive than 180... Why is that?

Is it "1st appearance" in the cover? Then that would mean that Wolverine did first appear in 181.

As a Marvel Fanboy, It's this thing that I can't seem to digest...

Why is it 181 and not 180???

I'd really like to know...

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Danry said...

Hi Jiggy,

Your right, I agree with your point about wolverine. I think the popularity of the character and appearance on the cover do play a part. It may also be because old time collectors have debated and at some point agreed that Hulk #181is the definitive wolverine 1st appearance. It also make my mind confused that some comics like New Teen Titans#1 by Marv Wolfman and George Perez lesser priced than next issue New Teen Titans #2 (worth twice as much) that featured the 1st appearance of hugely popular villian DEATHSTROKE.