Monday, April 27, 2009

Some Random stuff

When I surf the web nowadays, there are a number of sites I check out.

1. - for all the latest comic book news
2. - given
3. - for scores
4. - because Gerry Alanguilan is awesome
5. - to tweet
6. - excellent geek blog my friend carlo introduced me to
7. - Randy Bowen and the finest Marvel "display items"
8. - yep
9. - awesome comic news as well
10. - i hate the damn quizzes i swear

So there are the 10 websites I usually go to.

Ok, I just came from geekologie and I'm telling you. MAN VS. WILD on Discovery is insane. It's a crazy show but it's still awesome. So anyway, Bear Grylls, the host, actually drinks water from elephant dung. He is one crazy dude. But if you do get stuck in the wild, you can learn a few things from that show. Hahahaha.

The summer season is weird nowadays... there's friggin rain!!! What's up with that? So anyway, there are just so many summer items and I stumbled upon Beach Hut's hair and scalp "sunblock". Yes, apparently there is sunblock for the hair and scalp. I discovered it from an officemate when we went to Dumaguete. What consumers want, consumers get.

I skipped reading "Wanted: Hal Jordan" and went straight to The Sinestro Corps War... It is friggin insane man... It's pretty wicked. Galing galing. But Marvel's still way more awesome. Hahahaha sorry DC Boys.

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