Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hanging out with Mr. Gerry Alanguilan

Yesterday, I went to Robinsons Galleria to meet up with Mr. Gerry Alanguilan. He was really cool to set aside a very very exclusive ELMER gift set. It's priceless!!! I love the whole set!!! Such an awesome idea from the Alanguilans to create that gift set!!!

When I arrived at Comic Odyssey, he wasn't there. I read from his blog that people should check the nearby restaurants or coffee shops. I didn't wait long, he arrived and we went to Red Ribbon to sit down.

He made me choose on what color I wanted and I chose blue :)

The man is a really really nice guy!!! I think he's a genius. He shared with me what he'll be doing and I promised that I wouldn't tell anyone. I'm really excited for him.

We chatted about geek stuff. Comics and TV Shows mostly. He suggested that I watch Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica. After the holy week, I'll find the DVDs... He also mentioned Twitter and as you can see in the sidebar, I joined twitter and I love the tweets!!!

Wanted to hang out some more but I had to leave and he had to leave. He was headed to Sputnik and it's a comic shop I really want to visit. He said that there were loads of indies there and I HAVE TO CHECK THAT OUT!!!

For those reading my blog, check out and try to read ELMER. Available in comic shops!!! (I'll post my review soon as Mr. Alanguilan gave his blessing for me to write about it)


danry said...

your right on the set being priceless. i also met him that same day to pick up my giftset and i was there when you where asking where he went. I was the one who told you that he'll be back shortly.sorry if i intervened being a complete stranger to you. elmer is great as a complete set! mr alanguilan was very accomodating.i hope he comes up with a same concept with his out of print WASTED. thanks for the superman: secret identity suggestion as a great read on this blog.

Jiggy Cruz said...

Thanks Danry! Yes, I hope Mr. Alanguilan comes out with a WASTED version. :)