Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keep on running Mr. Nice Guy... Keep on running...

This goes out to all the guys out there fighting the good fight.

To all the guys waiting, hoping, sacrificing, and trying to prove themselves to that one person.

Why do we sacrifice? Why do we go out of our ways for someone? Sure we may feel heartaches, sure we may be taken for granted and all that, but why do we do it?

Because of love right? Or is it unconditional love? It's that four letter word that's just so amazingly complicated, it makes the world go round. It's love...

But what if you're not taken for granted? What if all your efforts are seen and noticed? What if it still doesn't work?

I was wrong in saying "that nice guys don't finish last, they never finish..." I'm sorry. Total b.s. on my end.

You keep running. You keep moving forward. The road maybe long but just keep on running... keep on moving... keep on sacrificing.

Quoting Sam Witwicky, "No Sacrifice, No Victory"

Hang in there. Never let go.

Stop playing it safe and just take that leap.

Never look at detours or road blocks. Just keep on running... because I believe in a finish line...

Whether you finish first, middle, or last... the important thing is that you get to finish.

There will be risks and decisions that have to be made but just think of the finish line... It'll be worth it right?

So I say, just wait. Keep on running... even if they ask "what if there's no finish line?"


Me? I'll keep on running... no matter what.

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Miko said...

I agree. Life's not a sprint, it's a marathon. A journey, if you will.

And we'll all have to run way past the finish line; not to get ahead but to live life to to the fullest...