Saturday, April 18, 2009

Comic Book Review - The Sword #16

It's been a while since I reviewed the weekly comics. I don't know what week we are in now but this is my pick.

The Luna Brothers' The Sword #16

Joshua and Jonathan Luna are Filipinos and they are kickin ass with this book. They consistently give Holy S### moments every single issue.

This one had a lot in them!

Where do you see a character's jaw getting sliced and it gets back on?

Where do you see eyes getting cut and it comes back?

Where do you see someone turning into a mountain?

Holy crap, this book is made of pure awesome. If there's something consistent with the Lunas, it's giving an excellent last page.

I'm sad that this will end pretty soon. I hope they come out with an over-sized collected edition just like what they did with "Girls". They should also have an "Ultra" version.

If you wanna try something indie, check out The Sword. Volume 1: Fire and Volume 2: Water are already out. Pick this up please!!! I'm telling you!!! This stuff is GOLD!!!

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