Saturday, April 25, 2009


Finally went to Sputnik in Cubao.

Jonty and I had to check it out. Our cousin Nina tagged along with her 2 fanboy cousins.

For me, it was Indie Heaven. I'm a sucker for independent comics and this comic shop has the goods. I told the people there that I found their store through Mr. Gerry Alanguilan's blog. I got there around 9. I thought that they close at 10 but they're open til 2am on the weekends. So check it out!!!

I got this graphic novel by Seth called "It's a good life, If you don't weaken", Greg Rucka's "Whiteout" and of course, Louie Cordero's "Nardong Tae" :)

I'll probably go back there soon to get American Elf by James Kochalka...

If you're an indie fan, check it out! They also have Marvel and DC stuff. Singles not so much. They kinda focus on the trades. It's an awesome store! Go!!!

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