Monday, April 27, 2009

Rootote Philippines

This is for my friend Joni :)

Ok, those reading my blog, if you want to give a gift for a girl, check out Rootote Philippines. (

Seriously, they should make ones for guys!!! A lot of geeks use man-bags...

And the tote bag is actually in GQ folks!

But the girls will definitely love this. It's a tote bag, but not just any other tote bag! Inside, there are "roo" pockets to put all the kikay stuff!!! make-up, cellphone, wallet, lipgloss, and all that other girly things. Hahaha.

Rootote came from Japan and I think they pronounce it as roo toh toh.

If they came out with a Rootote bag with Spider-Man's face on it... CONSIDER IT SOLD!

Here's a sample.

I saw this actual bag and it's one helluva bag. Awesome! I'd totally ask out a girl who owns one of these. Hahahaha.

Check out the website. :)

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