Monday, December 8, 2008

Watching the fight on a Sunday Reunion

So the Aquinos had a reunion at Tita Kris' place yesterday. Well, we do every Sunday. Recently, Tita Kris volunteered to have the Sunday lunch at her place. Weekdays, dinner at our house, Saturday's at Ninang's place.

Yesterday was extra special since we watched the Pacquiao - De la Hoya fight.

No one could really eat during lunch since everyone was glued to the TV. I couldn't take pictures since my eyes were also glued to the screen.

We were all pretty happy that Manny won with flying colors!!! Nagtagumpay ang Pambansang Kamao!!! I felt sorry for The Golden Boy at the end because a future Hall of Famer shouldn't have gotten a beating during his possible last fight. But Manny was just doing his job and he really did train very well for it.

Mark Hatton might be the next guy Manny will face... That's a different story. Don't wanna talk about it now.

Took several pictures yesterday. Will post this one cute pic of Baby James though. I was lucky to have caught this on cam! :D Such a cute baby!!!

He was actually in a very pleasant mood yesterday. :) This kid's gonna go the distance! Probably are superstar guard for the Blue Eagles? Hahaha. We'll see in 17 years.

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con said...

super cute ni baby james! :) love his smile..