Sunday, December 14, 2008

KLIK 2008

Last Friday, I filed for Half Day because it was the first time I got invited to be a speaker at the Ateneo High School. It was their Alternative Class Program called KLIK. KLaseng Ibang Klase. So what did I talk about? I talked about my passion of reading and collecting comic books which I connected to the book I launched back in August.

I was surprised that my class was full!!! Kids actually signed up for it!!! I was honored.

There were some kids who stood out when I asked them what their favorite titles were. I was surprised that no one mentioned Bendis! Some were more into Manga which I apologized for since I had nothing in my presentation on Manga. Some have actually read WATCHMEN which I haven't read completely!!! My hats off to those guys. Some just signed up for it to know more about comic books. They don't really read but they were interested. Also, there were these 2 guys in front of me who were talking during my presentation. I had to tell them that they were distracting me.

Sorry if I embarrassed them but I can't stand disrespect. I went there to give my 2 cents. I had to take time off from work. It was no joke. I just found it unatenean. Can't please them all... But I hope they picked up 1 thing at least.

I can't believe I talked about so much in an hour. I was talking about the history of comics for crying out loud!

Sadly, no one has heard about Ninoy: Art and Essays... :(

But I did talk about how to move forward. You don't have to launch a book to help out. You can basically help out through different means. I chose my passion as a means of communicating to the youth.

After that, I told them about the iamninoy 100 initiative. There was a pair who went up to me and asked how they can help.

I didn't come there to woo a class of 43. If my talk inspired just one guy, then it was mission accomplished!

It was a great feeling to come back home to Ateneo High. Saw some wonderful people who I haven't seen in such a long time. My teachers still remember me at least :)

Anyway... That's about it I guess.

Excelsior? :) Hehehe.

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