Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Nestlé Christmas Party

Nestlé gives out great parties to the employees. After all, we have been good soldiers. What stood out was our CEO's speech. He said his thanks but he also extended his gratitude to the families of the employees since we gave more time for the betterment of the company.

Played with my new G10 last night. One of my superiors also has one. There's this Nestlé photography club but they all use SLRs. So Sir Roger told me to start a G10 club. We're the non-conformists! Hahahaha. Down with the SLRs!!! Jokingly of course.

Food was pretty good but it was the company of my friends and colleagues that made the night :)

Good times!

The Tech Team also started the "Go Sales" shoot. So it goes... "GO Sales! GO Nestlé! WIN FULL FORCE!"

That's OUR theme. My batch's theme for the 2009 Sales Kick-Off. Winning Is Nestlé (WIN) Full Force!!!

But sadly, I also ended my 4 stints of 4 months each yesterday. It was an amazing ride full of growth and learning. It was also the last Christmas Party my batchmates and I were spending as Management Trainees.

Come January, we'll give everyone an amazing kick-off!!!

We all get our permanent assignments pretty soon. Praying to God that I get the right assignment.

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