Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Highlights of 2008

So here goes. I don't want to rank them at all. I just want to highlight the significant moments of the year that was.

The Worst Day of My Life - It was March and the news I got was THE worst I ever heard. My Lola wasn't feeling all to well and the doctors decided that maybe she should have herself checked at the hospital. She went through several tests. One day in March, she had undergone a colonoscopy. I was waiting for my Mom's call on what the news could be. I couldn't take it any longer, I called my Lola's security and asked for my Mom... "Sad news B9..." It was official, my Lola had cancer. I broke down that night. Literally. I broke down in tears. My eyes were so beat that night. We all prayed. 3 months left according to the doctors. One of the people I love so much was facing the greatest battle of her life...

Hope springs eternal - The next day, I was still crying and I decided to take a leave from work. I went to visit my Lola at her office. There were several things that happened. Tita Kris kept researching that night. She wasn't giving up. After that, Tito Alex called and there was some hopeful news. One of the people from the hospital checked the colonoscopy results and the doctors overlooked some parts. Tito Alex told me, "Jiggy, nabigyan tayo ng overtime." What faith can do. It was a total turnaround. That day, we also met Dr. Romy Diaz, he was probably the most optimistic person I met that day. He could treat my Lola. It was a miracle...

Stepping up for my Lola - My Lola couldn't go anymore to the Jun Lozada masses and it was the time for me to help out my Lola. It was my responsibility to represent the family in the masses. I became the official spokesperson of the Aquinos on TV. I don't like to be in front of the camera, I'd rather be in the sidelines. But sacrifices must be made... It was my initiation to the world of media. I am now known as Jiggy Aquino Cruz.

Ninoy: Art and Essays - I guess that this was probably my biggest accomplishment of my life. I became a publisher!!! I couldn't have done this project without the blessing of my Lola and the kind help of all the artists and writers. I met a lot of awesome people because of this book. Gerry Alanguilan, Leinil Yu, Harvey Tolibao, Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, Stephen Segovia, etc... The artists are just so friggin cool to hang around with!!! I was able to get my heroes to contribute artwork for my Lolo. I saw the need to educate the youth of today. I needed them to know who my Lolo was and what he fought for, what he lived for, what he died for.

One Moment, One Nescafé - I finally got my Marketing assignment at work and I was assigned to the Coffee Business Unit. My four months with the team was so learning-filled. I met amazing people who were driven at what they do and I gained some new friends in life. I enjoyed this assignment so much! I even launched a new product! I will forever love Nescafé 2in1!!!

KLIK 2008 - It was the first time I got invited to talk in school. It was my chance to talk to High School Students!!! I always dreamed of being a guest speaker at the Ateneo. Didn't think it would happen but it did! I talked about comics, the book I launched, and leadership. :) Big time!!! Hahahaha. Joke. But seriously, I enjoyed to talking to a bunch of kids in high school. I felt like a grown-up.

Ateneo wins the UAAP Crown - I had work that day in Cabanatuan. Had no chance of watching it live. But since I came from Pulilan the day before. I was so damn tired and I ate something terrible... I was vomiting early in the morning. Couldn't even stand up because of a 39 fever. I ended up staying at home and catching the game on TV. Finally, Ateneo gets another championship. And of all the teams, they beat none other than our arch-rivals, the De La Salle Green Archers. They are our distinguished competition in everything and I have respect for that school especially to the Christian Brothers who run the place. It was a well fought battle. Chris Tiu and Norman Black finally get a ring!

Banner 17 - It was a sweet year for my Sports Teams. My favorite NBA Team finally won after 22 long years. I've always rooted for them even during the dark ages. The Boston Celtics get Banner 17 thanks to the new Big Three!!! Paul Pierce gets his much needed help from Ray Allen and the Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett. It was a happy day for the Aquinos!!! Celtics beat LA!!! Hahahaha.

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