Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Holiday Wishlist and other thoughts...

I've been going home early this week. I can't wait for next week. 2 friggin weeks of no work. Never had a vacation THAT long since graduation... It's been quite a while.

Edsa has been a pain in the ass. The bottleneck at the Shaw Underpass is just horrible. Today was ok. After the Shaw Underpass, Megamall was all clear!!! Can you imagine that? Took me 20 minutes! So I was able to have dinner with my family tonight.

There are things I want to get this Christmas but can't... I would like to have a graded copy of Amazing Fantasy 15, I don't care what copy. But that's asking for the moon.

There's only one thing I want this Christmas and that's for my Lola Cory to get well. She's fighting everyday against the Big C. There are days that she wins and there are days that she's totally exhausted. It sucks seeing her tired.

That's my Christmas wish... I just want her to get better. She means the world to me.

I got home early and I went straight to her room. She was lying down watching Kapamilya Deal or No Deal. She had a big smile on her face when I went in. :) It was a pleasant sight.


Last night, we had our CMT Christmas party. I took care of the games just like last year. They had fun naman. (I hope)

During the Kris Kringle, I asked for a Fully Booked GC. Limit was 500 bucks but damn. Nahiya ako. I didn't know that the minimum amount Fully Booked carried was 1000!!! :o

Oh well. I'll make it up to him. :)

It was so relaxing just having fun and chilling. No work involved. Just great company.

Tomorrow will be the NKA Christmas Party. I'm pretty psyched about that!

Anyway, I'm off!!! Gotta start losing pounds.

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