Monday, December 22, 2008

iPod Nano (PRODUCT) Red

I got a 16GB iPod Nano. Red!!! It's awesome!!! Love it love it love it! I got it last week and I can't stop using it. The last iPod I got was the 2nd gen. The one with the 4 buttons on top. This one takes the cake. 1st, it's friggin RED! How can you go wrong with that? 2nd, it shuffles when you shake it! 3rd, if you tilt it, the cover flow appears. It plays videos as well!!!

I still have a gift card. Got it 2 years ago and 8 bucks still left. I went to iTunes and I got a .99 cent episode of Fringe! Been wanting to start that series. So I'll watch it in the Product Red within the day.

Didn't have engraving on it. Just thought it'd look cleaner without it. I highly recommend this new iPod. :) It gets Ado(red) by many :)

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Akosimarilyn. said...

yea. i also have blue. lols. i love it too. ;)