Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Iron Man: World's Most Wanted

My 2 cents on Invincible Iron Man #8, The first part of World's Most Wanted.

I've underestimated Matt Fraction. I have to give it to him. Casanova wasn't my cup of tea but he got me in Immortal Iron Fist. For the start of Dark Reign, I love how Marvel put Tony Stark as the "blame him" guy.

Stark Technology has failed. All microwaves, computers, washing machines, military tech, etc. Failures!!! The Skrulls killed Stark Tech which leaves Tony ruined.

At first I thought that Tony would be some sort of a fugitive running away from the law but this story somehow went a different route.

I apologize for those not reading comics but the fallout of Civil War is paying off still. The Superhero Registration Act Database is now under Norman Osborn. Or is it?

Tony sent a going away present to Osborn. The database is gone. It's not in computers. It's in Tony's brain. Extremis made it possible. Because of the nanotechnology living inside Stark's body, the Skrull Virus somehow changed Stark's composition inside. The database is now IN Tony.

Osborn has yet to find out... That makes Iron Man, the World's Most Wanted!

Awesome twist Mr. Fraction!!! I love it!!!

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