Saturday, December 6, 2008

Marvels: Eye of the Camera signing

Went to Robinsons Galleria today to meet and greet Jay Anacleto. I also got his works from the Avalon Studios days, Aria. I haven't met any artist who was rude or unapproachable. Jay Anacleto is a fun, cheerful, humble, and friendly guy. Not to mention that he's like over 6 feet tall plus he has excellent teeth! (He's a dentist full time and superstar artist on the side...)

I'm such a nerd. I went there before 2pm. Not that many people at that time. I was first in line. Hahaha. Sandy Sansolis, the owner of Comic Odyssey comes up with cool ideas for the Fanboys to some. There's even a raffle. You get to have a piece of art done by Jay Anacleto with the MARVEL Character of your choice. That's right, MARVEL! (Hope I won!)

After I had my books signed, there were already a lot of people! So I hung out for a while to talk to fellow Fanboys and even a quick chat with Gerry "Elmer" Alanguilan and Tony "Jonah Hex" De Zuniga. Edgar Tadeo was also there supporting the event!

Thought that the raffle was at 4pm. I had to leave already... But on the way to the parking lot, I was texting and someone suddenly patted me on the shoulder. It was none other than Leinil "Mr. Artist of the Year" Yu himself!!! So friggin cool!!!

So this Saturday was pretty cool! Perfect day for a Fanboy!!!

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