Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Probably the best gift in the history of courtship!!!

Nowadays, what do guys give girls when they court them? A Starbucks Planner? A season dvd of Gossip Girl? The set of the Twilight Saga?

If I can say, we guys suck in giving gifts. I have to admit that the uniqueness of a gift has died down over the years. Why? I don't know. Technology? A change in generation? Easy access to information?

Creativity may be dying down. But then again, maybe it's a challenge. Maybe nice guys have to step up and raise their game into a whole new level.

Anyway, I thought of reflecting about this because as I was taking pictures during the Aquino Noche Buena, I was going around the house and I saw one of the greatest paintings. It's a painting so rich of history.

It was my Lola Cory's 18th birthday. My Lolo Ninoy was still courting her during that time. I'm sure that he wanted to give the best gift. He wanted my Lola and my great grandparents to be impressed. Plus, I guess, my Lolo being himself, he didn't want to lose to the competition.

The painting was done by none other than Fernando Amorsolo himself!!! My Lolo had to pay him 2 months worth of his salary!!! Talk about hardwork. It was 500 pesos during that time. But still!!! It was 2 months worth of his salary!!!

My Lola was truly impressed when she received a portrait of herself done by a premier artist in the Philippines. Did my Lolo win my Lola's heart that time? Maybe. Maybe not. But in my opinion, my Lolo did such an amazing job by giving such a creative gift. I mean, who gives a painting these days? Honestly! Who does?

Hats off to my Lolo. That was one hell of a gift!!!

Oh, here's the awesome painting by the way :)

Hope you liked my story :)


MUA in Scrubs said...

your lola looks so lovely!

con said...

awwwww.. nkakatuwa nmn! two thumbs up.. sana ako din! hehehe..anyway, i know how you really love your lola so much..you always include her on your blog..certified lola's boy! hehehe..:)