Sunday, December 28, 2008

A sad entry...

I haven't posted an emo entry here in blogspot. I guess it was about time.

I will have to admit that I do have flaws and faults. But it can't always be me every single time.

I may be boring at times but I was never an asshole. I was always the nice and patient guy who wouldn't let tantrums or mood swings get in the way.

What am I saying? I'm just really really depressed. I'm friggin sad.

I do my part don' t I? How the heck am I supposed to know if I don't feel or see it? Am I supposed to be a genius who knows what to do?

I made sacrifices that were unseen.

I made efforts that up to now remain invisible.

I may be patient but I have a boiling point.

But one thing I realized. Nice guys will always finish last.

Nice guys are stepping blocks. Welcome mats. Persian rugs.

We go out of our ways to please people. But even if you think you've finished, it ain't over. Nice guys will always be nice guys unless they turn to assholes. Nice guys will not get the justice they deserve. It will still be not enough. People will always expect, expect, and expect.

You think you've done it? Think again. That's still not enough.

Too bad. Nice guys will finish last and will be taken for granted.

But hey, that's just my honest opinion.


ciara said...

awwww... jiggy... *hug* don't be sad!

I LIKE NICE GUYS! Don't ever change, jiggy! You'll get the "justice" you're looking for and deserve. The world needs more people like you.

annecy said...

i agree with that! i share with your emotion (having been a nice girl myself)...sad and tough...but still fighting