Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smiling at the camera

I had to go to some shoots for the family but last night was rather a bit more special.

I had a photo shoot with Jonty and of course, my lovely Mom :) She's being featured in a magazine so Jonty and I were part of it.

It was more comfy actually. The photographer made it easier for us. Plus they didn't put any lip gloss on my lips! "Guys should look like guys" said the photographer. YES! THANK YOU! I said in reply! Hahaha!

It'll be a while til the magazine comes out. 2010 pa. You won't miss it :)


yish said...

For the country town mag po ba iyan? Can you inform us if out na po ang mag na iyan? (if you don't mind) :)

Enelrahc Reivaj said...

Wow...this is my first time to comment! I will look forward to this. Puwera biro, your mom is my favorite of the Aquino children. Ateng-ate talaga! Regards! -- Tsah

t e i n said...

..hi po kuya jiggy.

..i'm kinda curious what magazine is that po?? hm, exciting to see, haha!

..wala po ba kayo dun sa, magazine na, i forgot the name, the Aquino sisters were the front cover?? hm?? just wondrin' baka andun kayo ^^,).

..being on a cam is a nice experience, un nga lang, minsan it wont look like the way you want it to be, pero xempre? in your situation, the photographer will not let that thing to happen. Kaw pa kuya? and besides, i dont think you will look, not that good with your pics ^^,).

..hope to know and see that mag soon, thanks po for reading, more powers and God Bless.

Sundae said...

kelan po yung magazine lalabas? (what month in 2010?) I'm so excited to have one na po. diba may feature din po yung fam niyo sa yes magazine for christmas edition?