Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Being alone at home...

I'm usually home alone these days.

For October, my brother took a short vacation abroad and my parents are extremely busy! So now, I'm just at home, tweeting, surfing, and planning what to do for next year.

Now? My parents are busier than ever before, my brother has school and his schedule is just loaded. Me? I end up either eating alone or eating out alone. Hahaha.

So anyway, there was one particular night that I had to turn off all the lights in the house. As I was going up, the toilet in my Lola's old room (which is now the den again) makes a flushing sound. That was at 11:30 at night with all the lights off. $##!$%!^&& It can't be. I go outside and I ask Maris (who was been with us for so many years) if the toilet was busted... She kept on laughing but in a scared way... She didn't want to check the den but I said that we had to! NO WAY I was going in there by myself.

I find out that the toilet was busted. But still, right after closing all the lights and you suddenly hear that.

Lola, I'm sorry. I love you very much. It'd be nice to see you again but please not late at night... Takutin pa naman ako especially when I'm all alone in the house. I still miss you each and every day...

It's so quiet when alone. The best thing to do is to keep yourself busy.

Thankfully, I'm not home alone now :)

Just felt like updating the blog!


Darling Julie Pearl said...

Hey Jiggy, I know what it feels to be home alone...and get freaked out by unexpected noises! Like you, takutin din ako pag mag-isa at madilim. That's why whenever I'm all alone in the house, I turn on most of the lights and crank up the volume of my TV just to make me feel like I have someone with me. =D

Having said that, I missed your Lola too just like most of us here. I found this old interview of Tita Cory with you guys during your Lolo Ninoy's 20th death anniversary. It's an old show from RPN-9 I guess...thought you might like to reminisce. =D

Jen said...

She's just reminding that you're not alone.. Ehehehe!!! Jiggy, I became your avid reader of your blog.

You know, I also met your lola in Megamall's Painting Exhibit last 2007, since then I learned that your lola is really nice and caring. Biruin mo, I was alone that time and want to have a picture with her. She asked her guard to take us a picture using my mobile. Proud talaga ako coz I am just a simple person but I got her attention. That's why when she left, I also cried. Last All Saint's Day, I visited your lola's grave since dun din nakalibing ang lola ko. Lalo akong humanga dahil sa dami ng taong pumupunta sa kanila.

sjnhs_bon said...

hi kuya jiggy i'm so sad hindi ako nakapunta sa yo!noy launching, sana may ganiyan rin dito sa southern leyte ::: lol ::: soo soo sad talaga ako kung nasa Maynila nga lang ako talga i'll go there kc just want to show my support to ur Tito Noy & ur family. Have u seen Ate Clariz Tanganco pala there>? :D hehehhe hope kilala nyo ako, sana po mag-reply keu :?: gud luck stay safe ::::

luzon_bon :)

Anonymous said...

..haha, i kinda laugh with that po? hihi, can't help it but it's true, haha.
..ankulet, matatakutin po pala kayo kuya? hehe. I did laugh the whole time i read your article, hahahahaha!!
..nice one po kuya Jiggy ^^,).