Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We all look like we feel...

"We all look like we feel" as said by Chris Carabba.

These are people who do not wear masks. I believe that if you really want to show your true feelings, then you go out and look like how you feel.

You feeling happy because of something/someone? Go show it! Show that person that you're happy!

You feeling sad because someone hurt you? Go show it! Be true to yourself!

You feeling angry about something? Don't keep the anger inside, that's bad for the health.

Anyway, I guess the point I'm trying to drive at is that I believe most of us don't want to show these feelings because we're afraid to get judged. Some of us may fear rejection while some may feel that they'd hurt someone.

I think the people who should know how you feel should be given that.

So here I am being honest, right now, I'm feeling really happy -)


Clariz said...

Be true to what you feel / to yourself, its better to express your emotions than to hide it. parang kapag galit ang tao its better kung ipapakita niya, kasi mas nakaka tangal ng stress and mas maganda sa pakiramdam na walang kinikimkim na galit, Enjoy life, We only have one life to live, every moment counts :)

t e i n said...

..yah right kuya! really true. We should really show how and what we feel and not just keep it with ourselves. We don't know? because of us, we might boost up even one lonely soul.
..thanks for sharing that kuya, it is so inspiring.
..now, i wanna say and shout out loud to everyone that im happy, and inspired because of Kuya Jiggy's blog articles.
..thank you so much po ^^,). You always complete my day.

sjnhs_bon said...

Agree to that Ate Clariz, must live of life to the fullest. Life is Prerogative that was given to us by God to experience being one of His Beings in the world. Enjoy Lyf