Sunday, November 22, 2009

Interviewing James Jean

Last Thursday, after Rock Ed Radio, I got a text from Erwin Romulo saying "Are you free Saturday, 5:45pm?" I asked him why. He then replied "This interview with James Jean."

That was around 12 midnight already and I just lost sleep. Holy crap! It was JAMES JEAN for pete's sake! I didn't pass that up.

So Erwin asked me to do the interview but I asked him if Jonty can also go since he's more of the writer. We got the GO signal from Mr. Romulo and the rest was history.

November 21, Jonty and I went to Fully Booked High Street at around 10:30. There were already fans lining up but thankfully, we got 10 and 11. Not bad for 2 Fanboys.

So the Cruz bros came back to the Fort at around 5 to meet up with Erwin since he was to facilitate the interview. Jed Segovia of Inquirer did the interview first and he even scored a White Violin sketch from Mr. Jean.

After his interview, it was our turn. We said hello to Mr. Jaime Daez and he remembered us for being the first guys to go to Fully Booked to see Ben Templesmith back in 2007. The man is an awesome fanboy. Plus he had a good memory!

We entered his office and it was full of priceless artwork from JG Jones, Dave McKean, Bill Sienkiewicz, and of course, James Jean.

As I entered, there was the 7 time Eisner Award Best Cover Artist winner, waiting in his seat.

The interview started after and the rest was history! Just grab a copy of UNO Mag once it comes out. You can read my interview there :)

(playing it cool)

(listening to the man's answers to my fanboy questions)

We didn't get sketches nor have our books signed. We respected the guy and we wanted to properly go through the process. So we fell in line with our stubs. :)

The interview was awesome! It was a fanboy's dream come true! :) Just look at me and Jonty's smiles below! Hahaha. Sayang lang blurred. But it's all good. According to Gerry Alanguilan, "Blurred is the new focused!" :)

(Blurred is the new focused. Photo by Erwin Romulo)

(Just look at Jaime Daez's collection! Frikkin AWESOME!)

Jonty and I got really really lucky with this one. We had an awesome time! Definitely once in a lifetime!

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t e i n said...

..wewww!! good thing your lucky with number 10, haha, mine's always a bad luck when it comes to that number, huhu :(
..BUT ANYWAY!! i would like to congratulate you, Cruz bros. for having that once in a lifetime experience (clap,clap,clap!!)
..sure it was a fun thing huh? that's really one experience you both should be prooooouuuud of.
..more great happenings to share, we all be looking forward to that.
..good day to you kuya Jiggy, God bless ^^,).