Monday, November 23, 2009

Visiting CSB for the James Jean talk

Yup. I'm still on a James Jean high! I took a leave from work today so I could listen to James Jean's talk today at the College of St. Benilde. The talk had limited slots and Jonty and I were lucky enough to RSVP on time.

Mr. Jean basically showed his art and how he was influenced and all that. It was nice to know that he was inspired from Comic Books. Wolverine #31 was the very first comic he read. Plus the thing he drew when he was 13 was inspired by Jim Lee's style. It was an X-Men drawing.

Look at what he can do now! (See below)

(THE X-MEN!!!)

(Wolverine #31)

James Jean has come along way and he's accomplished so much. It's just sad to note that someone asked if he'd return to comics. He won't :( He wants to focus more on painting and having art shows. But it's all good. He really can't limit himself to just doing covers for comics. Plus he won cover artist of the year for 6 years in a row now! Wow!

I learned that a lot of his artwork had a mix of pencils, Photoshop, and even Flash! He admitted that he didn't like Illustrator. He stuck with Flash.

(Jaime Daez and James Jean)

Also, Pinoy Comic Book artists attended the event. Heubert Khan Michael, Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz, Ernest Jocson, Jay David Ramos, Harvey Tolibao and Philip Tan (who happens to be visiting the Philippines) dropped by. After James Jean, they had a panel discussion in the afternoon for the students in which Gerry Alanguilan joined.

(With Philip Tan!)

(Philip Tan and Gerry Alanguilan)

The Panel
Gerry, Philip, Ernest, Carlo, Jay, Heubert, Harvey

I think it's cool how Fully Booked organized this whole event for the fans. I mean, think about it. It's difficult to bring an artist here from abroad. They've brought in Neil Gaiman, Ben Templesmith, and now James Jean. Awesome!!! Who's next??? We'll have to wait and see... But if I had my choice, bring in BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, BRIAN K VAUGHAN, MARK MILLAR, OR JOE QUESADA!!! Hahahaha.

But thank you Jaime Daez and Fully Booked for this event! You guys made a lot of Fanboys and Fangirls happy! :)


gillboard said...

Is James Jean Filipino?

t e i n said...

..yah!! that's so nice po. congrats po sanyu, hihi ^^,). glad to hear your happy, haha.
..more powers po kuya Jiggy.

Solo said...

he's Vietnamese.

Great list. I totally wanna see Bendis in the Philippines!
But on top of my list would be his friend David Mack, or Alex Ross.