Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Signed Stuff

OK, Last na to on James Jean. Just want to share the things I had signed :) I had all the stuff I wanted signed so it was mission accomplished for me!

I thought things like this just happen in comic-cons abroad but thankfully, Fully Booked made a lot of geeks so damn happy :)

He just sketched Snow White!!!


Fables: Covers by James Jean (Apparently, they don't print this anymore)

Lucky to have gotten a Snow White sketch on the "1001 Nights of Snowfall" book

Should I explain why I chose Runaways? Look at the title of my blog :)

One of the best BKV books ever! Had to have this signed!

I can't just forget UMBRELLA ACADEMY #1!!!

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t e i n said...

..hey, that is so nice kuya Jiggy? that's a fun experience. I'm happy po para sa inyo ^^,).
..i guess you still can't get over with Mr.Jean James huh? ^^,).
..sana aq din someday, mameet and greet ang idol ko, si kuya Jiggy (just wishing and hoping lang naman)
..thanks and god bless po ^^,).