Sunday, October 23, 2011


This year,  I got a big surprise from Shell! I was asked to become part of their Shell V-Power Network of Champions. They wanted me to travel in different places to learn more about Shell and what they do. The first leg of the trip was in London but unfortunately I wasn't able to attend since I had prior commitments. But last September, I finally got to join the trip! I went to Singapore for the F1 Grand Prix to know more about engine health.

I joined the Philippine Team in Singapore comprised of Jinno Rufino, Beeboy Vargas, Vernon Sarne, Tim Yap and Patty Laurel. There were also other Shell V-Power Champions from European countries. Believe it or not, I was the youngest among the whole group! Pressure? Haha. 

Anyway, click on READ MORE to see what I did in Singapore.

I've always wanted to see the F1 Grand Prix LIVE. I used to watch a lot during the time of Michael Schumacher, Jacques Villenueve and Mika Hakkinen. I also followed when the young guys came in like Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton. Of course, I was there to cheer for FERNANDO ALONSO and FELIPE MASSA!!!

If there's one word to sum up the F1... LOUD!!! You really need earplugs! It's a MUST! When the drivers rev up their engines? Man! LOUD! But it's awesome!

We met a lot of the SHELL executives and it was really cool that we got to learn what Shell V-Power does to the engine. 

Why is engine health important? 

As an engine is used, it can be prone to friction, wear and the build-up of deposits in critical areas. Deposit build-up can block passages created for the lubricating oil to flow through. It can affect the engine's power, performance and efficiency...

So how does SHELL V-Power come in? Basically, the fuel is formulated with a unique double-acting formula designd to actively clean the engine and protect vital engine parts. 

Richard Bracewell who you can see in the picture above shows us 2 parts of 2 engines. One that uses SHELL V-Power and one that doesn't use SHELL V-Power. I'm telling you, the difference is huge! The one that uses SHELL V-Power is uber clean!!! And the one that doesn't??? Uber dirty!!! I'm glad I use SHELL V-Power... I know my engine is clean!!!

The most interesting thing I learned was the great partnership of SHELL and FERRARI. 

Just some facts for you guys...

12 Formula One World Driver's Championships
10 Formula One Constructor's Championships
>475 Formula One races contested
>155 Formula One race wins
>2000 Formula One World Championship points

99% of the chemistry used in the race fuel is identical to that in SHELL V-Power road fuel.

The tandem of SHELL and FERRARI dates back to 1929!!! Imagine that!!!

But I was amazed by the partnership. I couldn't tell who worked for SHELL and who worked for FERRARI. The 2 are so close that it seems like they're in one company!!!

I'll have more stories about my trip soon!!! For now, hope you liked this entry :)

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