Monday, October 3, 2011

CLUE #2 to my Birthday Giveaway :)

You have to click on the Facebook LIKE button!!! :)

Plus you need to "Join this site" to be eligible to join the contest :) (If you don't have Facebook... :\ Click on Retweet!

But you want to see what the 2nd clue is?

Click on READ MORE to see :)

Hmmm... Whatizit???? :D

Keep on reading the blog! I'll reveal on my Birthday!!! 12mn on October 6 would be a good time to look at the blog!!! 


ram said...

i can't wait

luiboi said...

the suspense is killing it like a helmet of some sort? hehe. really excited for this contest. looking forward to more clues :D

RAd said...

A small flute or that green alien from Dragonball Z? ;)