Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And here we go... MY FIRST BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT!!!

To the loyal readers of The Tangled Web, I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for you guys! You made my blog what it is today and I thank you for that!

Tomorrow, I turn 26. There, I said my age. I am no longer in my "mid" Twenties... Late na :|

But I've been so blessed this year and I want to share the blessings. For the main prize, I am giving away...


From the comments, some figured it out. But to those who haven't figured it out, I am giving away a spankin brand new, RED, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto PICCOLO MACHINE!!!

What is NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto? Basically it's a multi-beverage system. You use Coffee Capsules and you Pop it in the machine. Lock the lever, turn it to hot mode and wait for the coffee to Drop! You get fantastic beverages in seconds! For coffee, there's Cappuccino, Vanilla Latte Macchiato, Mocha, and Caffe Lungo. But wait, I said Multi Beverage System so this little wizard can also make Hot Chocolate!!! The Chococino is FANTASTIC!!! But my personal favorite is the Vanilla Latte Macchiato!!!

I don't need to go to coffee shops anymore!!! 

ONE lucky follower of The Tangled Web gets a Piccolo Machine and a box of 16 Capsules!!! (Flavor - winner's choice)


1. Earlier, I said that YOU have to be a follower of the blog. Just click on "JOIN THIS SITE" on the left   part of the screen.
2. You have to click on LIKE at the bottom of this post
3. Go to Facebook, LIKE "NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Philippines" and share it to your friends.
4. You need to have 2 friends LIKE the page you shared. Once you've done that, email me a screen shot of the link you shared with 2 friends liking it to :)

Winners will be randomly selected!!! :) YOU HAVE UNTIL SATURDAY 12nn to do so!!! :)

Why the short time? It's a matter of really looking for the Loyal Readers who visit the blog often :) Fair right?

If you don't have Facebook, find a friend to do it for you :)

Other than that, I am giving away 5 SIGNED TRESE 4 Books!!! :) (Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo will sign)

The First 5 to send me the screen shots get the Signed Book! :)

Good luck guys!!!



carla said...

this is cool sir jiggy! happy birthday!

gillboard said...

Happy birthday!!!

luiboi said...

Happy Birthday Dude! Were midway through our 20s but were always kids at heart!Enjoy your day!God bless!:)

bariles said...

Have a blast, Jiggy!

Keep on giving and keep on blogging!

Cheers from the Soccsksargen Bloggers in GenSan!

yanyangarcia said...

Great blowout for your followers! Thanks for the opportunity! Email, sent! :)

Ren Sunglao said...

I've never had my own coffee maker before. (fingers crossed and pray) Goodluck to us all! ^^. Happy Birthday Kuya Jiggy! More blessings to come.

Ren Sunglao said...

I've never had my own coffee maker before. (fingers crossed and pray) Goodluck to us all! ^^. Happy Birthday Kuya Jiggy! More blessings to come.

ram said...

happy birthday jigs and god bless

Lhai Cruz said...

Happy birthday Jiggy! God bless! I am an avid reader and I hope to read more interesting stories from you!

Jinademaru said...

Happy Birthday sir Jiggy.May you have more blessings to come ^^

lherz said...

Happy birthday sir! :) Keep it up!

lherz said...

Happy birthday sir! God bless! :)

Alexis Mendoza said...

will join this once Facebook starts to work again. Facebook is acting up tonight. :)) Happy Birthday Again Jiggy! Cheers!

Alexis Mendoza said...

Already Emailed my entry Jiggy! :)
*fingers crossed*

-Alexis Mendoza
Kim Bam Heo on Facebook

moodybetty said...

happy birthday, keep on blogging. wish you all the best and may god bless you always as you face another year of your life. : ), hope to win the contest . :)

bezzykohmay said...

happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday po.......

more birthday to come... and god bless to you and to your family.