Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Elmer Launch

Last Saturday, Mr. Gerry Alanguilan and National Book Store launched the 2nd Edition of the multi-award winning and Eisner-Nominated ELMER!

It was my 2nd time to host a comic book launch and it was a success!!! Fans of the Komikero trooped down National Book Store Best Sellers in Robinsons Galleria!

Click on the link to see the photos.

Pre-event (Gerry Alanguilan taking photos)

Chicken Lollipops for Merienda!

National Book Store had this funny idea of serving Chicken Lollipops at the event. If you see, Gerry Alanguilan seems to have a new look! It ain't the Hey Baby look that's for sure :) Hahaha!

The unveiling of the ELMER-ized iPad!

From October 15 to November 15, if you buy a copy of Elmer, you can get a chance to win the iPad! Pretty sweet deal right?


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