Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I'm a SWATCH fan. We've all worn Swatches at some point of our lives but recently, they've launched the Jeremy Scott line and some of the Swatches have very geeky designs perfect for geeky me.

I have the Lightning Swatch and I love it!!! Now, Swatch came out with a 2nd Wave of Jeremy Scott designs and the latest geeky design is X-RAY VISION!!!

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The packaging of this SWATCH is fantastic!!! It looks so frikkin cool!!! The lightning watch didn't have this!!!

There are 2 faces for the watch to make it look like X-RAY eyes!!! Hahahaha!!! 

This watch is extra special since I'm in a long distance relationship, I can easily look at the time in Switzerland!!! I'll have a Philippine time and Swiss time!!! 

But I think this is one of the geekiest watches I've ever seen. I find it really cool!!! 

Got this at the SWATCH kiosk in Power Plant in the Archaeology wing and it's right in front of Nationa Book Store. Check it out SWATCH FANS!!!

Not bad eh? Pretty sweet!

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