Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Investing in IMAGE

Comics published today won't be as valuable as the Golden Age or the Silver Age ones. But I think that SOME Modern Age books may get valuable in the future.

IMAGE Comics have low print runs. They're not as many as the MARVEL or DC print runs which makes it more valuable.

Anyway, I recently acquired 2 KEY Image titles. One is making a name for itself in the small screen and the other is about to enter the small screen.

The Walking Dead #1 9.8 Signed by artist Tony Moore... (I couldn't get one signed by KIRKMAN!)

You watch The Walking Dead on TV? You HAVE to read the comics!!! :) IT'S FRIKKIN AWESOME!!! 

Chew #1 9.9 MINT!!! How cool is that??? 9.9 as a grade is near to impossible to achieve!!!

I hope that John Cho will pull it off as Detective Tony Chu!!! I'm rooting for you John Cho!!!

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gillboard said...

it is possible for chew's price to appreciate, since i think there's a plan to have this series adapted to a tv show.