Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sugi's Awesome Chicken!!!

I love Japanese food!!! But there's a "Filipinized" Japanese restaurant which I love dearly. Sugi in Greenhills has super awesome Japanese food. :) My family and I have eaten there numerous times! It's a family favorite!

Anyway, do you have a habit of ordering just one thing in a particular restaurant since you just love it? Here's an example. Ever since I tried the Chicken Kuwayage of Sugi, never ordered anything else for my main course. It's always been that! The head waitress in the Greenhills branch Tina knows it already whenever we eat there. It's a constant order. I actually converted Jonty and Misha into Chicken Kuwayage fans.

What is Chicken Kuwayage? It's not Teriyaki style but it's "Barbecue-ish" and has a sweetish/spicy taste! It's boneless chicken / crispy-crunchy goodness rolled in one awesome package! Trust me on this one! You can't go wrong with this! It doesn't come with Gohan though. So be sure to order that side of rice! But it does come with the Sugi Potato Salad. It's pretty good too!

The next time you think of Japanese food, go to Sugi and order their Chicken Kuwayage!

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