Friday, June 17, 2011

Congrats Bruins!!! Go BEANTOWN!!!

With the Celtics losing to the Heat in the semis in the NBA Playoffs, I got really sad... It was tough how we lost Rondo's left arm in Game 3... 

The Red Sox are doing pretty well but the season's far from over... 

If you follow this blog, you may know pretty well that I love Boston. My family lived there as political refugees from 1980-1983 and I was raised as a Celtics fan, Red Sox fan, Patriots fan, and a Bruins fan. I remember in grade school I always wore a Bruins cap. (I liked the Mighty Ducks movies when I was a kid, but I liked the Bruins as a team) I even have this 12 inch figure of the greatest Bruin of them all, Number 4, Bobby Orr!

A couple of days ago, the Stanley Cup finals ended with a GAME 7! Yep, series tied at 3 a piece! The Vancouver Canucks vs. The Boston Bruins. Boston hasn't won the cup since 1972 and Vancouver has never won in their 40years in the NHL. 

Luckily, TIM THOMAS (seen below), and playoff MVP, gave a shutout to the Canucks on Canadian ice. 4-0 in favor of the Bruins! Thomas had 37 saves! He received the Conn Smythe trophy right after. (In the NHL, the MVP is not for the regular season but for the entire playoffs) The 37 year old goalie gave an awesome performance Beantown will never ever forget!

Captain Zdeno Chara (below) was the first to get the Stanley Cup since he's the team captain. Just look at the joy in his face...

But more importantly, Beantown is now TITLETOWN. The Bruins were the least favored team since Terry Francona and his Red Sox have 2 World Series titles under their belts, Bill Bellichick and the Pats have 3 Superbowls, and Doc Rivers and MY Celtics got Banner 18 back in 2008. The "Teddy Bears" as the haters like to say were the only ones without a title. Last year, Claude Julien and the Bruins had a 3-0 lead in a best of 7 against the Philadelphia Flyers... They were the 1st team in NHL history to lose a 7 game series with a commanding 3-0 lead. But now, they have the cup and became the 1st team in history to win 3 Game 7s in a playoff season. 

Rookie Brad Manchard (below) scored 2 goals in Game 7 and put the icing on the cake with the 4th and final goal in the 3rd period. That was the dagger!

CONGRATS TO THE BOSTON BRUINS!!! We're happy in the family!!! Another one for BEANTOWN!!! 

But after all the celebration, the picture below made me smile! :) Good job Celtics!!!

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