Monday, June 6, 2011


Forgive me but I need to ask... is it pronounced as "krayps" or "kreps"? Hahaha!

I haven't been blogging about food so here's a food entry for those looking for new places to eat.

Anyway, Misha and I have been into these crepes lately. We've eaten at Cafe Breton (The Podium) and La Creperie (Eastwood Mall). Both restaurants have excellent service and the crepes come to your table really fast after ordering. Both also have a good ambience and friendly staff. Other than crepes, they also have omelettes and breakfast food but you really have to go there for the dessert crepes. 

I'll start with Cafe Breton. This place is an institution and I often order the Adam and Eve Crepe. I love the Apples and Cinnamon flavor with the Ice Cream. The crepe is pretty good actually. It's a bit chewy and that's how I like it! Top it off with Vanilla Ice Cream where the hot and cold meet! It's excellent!

The other one is the Nutella-Banana Crepe which Misha absolutely loves. Fans of the beloved chocolate spread will die after tasting this. I thought it was pretty tasty! I think this would be more for the die-hard chocolate spread fans. A bit too sweet in my honest opinion.

Now on to La Creperie!

The place actually serves shakes from "Big Chill"... It seems like they're sister companies. :)

Anyway, this one caught my attention so i had to order it. It's a  double chocolate brownie crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream. Imagine a chocolate flavored crepe. That's one. Inside there's warm, soft, and moist brownies. Outside there's Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate syrup! Damn son! How can you go wrong with that??? Mind you this is an indulgent crepe. It's a treat. Once in a blue moon lang dapat. But it's awesome!

Since I'm after "balance", I'd recommend the Adam and Eve from Cafe Breton. The Apples and Cinnamon really go well with the Vanilla Ice Cream. If you ever crave for the crepes, check these places out!


Zarah Z said...

ohmygosh.. looks yummy!

Jerick said...

nice question! to proper-pronunciation concerned pinoys, it's kreps. but to the americanized not-so-conscious with pronunciation, it's kreyps.

Hub said...

Great post, jiggy. Potato Potahto. Kreyps sounds so posh though.